8 day journey, Brisbane to Brisbane $3,395 per person, twin share
6 day sectional journey Brisbane to Armidale $2,565

DEPARTURES:   May, October, November

Please contact us for dates and availability. sunset


  • Walk in six diverse National Parks headed by the World Heritage Central Eastern Rainforests
  • Immerse yourself in the natural history of Gondwana, the super continent of 120 million years ago before Australia separated from the Antarctica.
  • Enjoy the scenic wonders of Australia’s most influential landform, the Great Divide.
  • Share daily encounters with Australia’s unique wildlife far from invasive crowds.
  • Be welcomed home by large numbers of wallabies and kangaroos bounding in from in the wild.
  • Immerse yourself in the life and times of our legendary bush people who forged our Aussie character and reputation.
  • Discover the tranquility of a sub-tropical or ancient temperate rainforest and wonder at the dependent relationship between earth, vegetation and wildlife.
  • Wander amidst delicate wildflowers and orchids, grand granite monoliths, tors and balancing boulders
  • Imagine the cultural gathering and feasts of 2000 Aborigines drawn to a pristine Bunya Pine forest
  • Savour a panorama of remnant volcanic plugs and learn of the Aboriginal dream time legend  linking them all.
  • Try staring down a Cunningham Skink or its striped Coppertail neighbor.
  • Climb to the summit of Bald Rock, The Pyramid or Castle Rock.
  • Stand in awe, on the edge of tortuous gorges carved by wild rivers.
  • Wonder at the thermal flight of a wedge-tailed eagle on-high
  • Explore the rocky hideouts of legendary and strangely revered bush rangers.
  • Reflect on waterfalla moment in Australian history, in the very room which gave rise to the birth of our nation.
  • Stand on the most easterly point of the Australian land mass and search for marine creatures riding the rolling swells of the pacific Ocean
  • Walk the iconic beach of Byron Bay at Sunset
  • Breakfast on the deck, lunch on a rock, dinner in a boutique winery, awaken to the charismatic laughter of a Kookaburra family, stare at the southern galaxies by night – all in a days enjoyment.


Journey in a luxury air-conditioned 4WD Land cruiser or purpose built coach with forward facing recliner seats, seat belts and panoramic windows. Vehicles are equipped with remote area travel safety and communications facilities.


Tour staff includes a professional tour guide and driver/assistant guide.
Typical guide to guest ratio is 1:7


Accommodation selected from facilities close to National Parks and trail heads, invariably in character settings. Includes motor-inns, environmental and wilderness lodges, mountain cottages, seaside units or hotels. Twin or triple share with private facilities.mushrooms


  • Full dining inclusions with breakfast, lunch and dinner each day
  • Morning and afternoon teas.
  • Wine with dinner if you wish
  • Tour celebration dinner
  • We vary dining settings to take in local delicacies and spontaneous interaction with local people.


  • Tour transport and guides
  • All National Park entry fees
  • Pre-tour briefing and meet ‘n greet function
  • Local guides and guests, as available.
  • Tenterfield Historic precinct entry
  • Informative travel reference kitcanyon


  • Access to our on-tour field library.
  • Provision of field binoculars
  • “Wish you were here” digital images capturing your adventures down under, emailed to friends and family selectively during the journey.
  • Spontaneous travel treats and a tour memento.
  • Pre-tour planning advice to maximize your enjoyment of the experience
  • Advice and assistance with any pre and post tour travel requirements.
  • Satisfaction, knowing we operate under a responsible travel ethic.
  • Enjoyment of a small group environment – typically, 10 to 15 participating guests.


You will only need to cover your free time and personal costs, pre and post travel arrangements relating to the start / conclusion of the tour, all flights and your personal travel insurasunsetnce.


Participation in all walks is optional, enticing and rewarding, requiring a moderate degree of fitness. Make this a “wellness” holiday, relaxed or as active as you wish.

TOUR DATES: Please contact us for dates and availability.



Days 1-2

Departing from Brisbane, within the hour, you’ll be climbing to the summit of a volcanic plug and gazing at others filling the panorama, all steeped in the Aboriginal legend of the Glass House Mountains NP. You’ll enter a world of sub-tropical rainforest protecting the finest stand of Bunya Pines and learn of the extraordinary nut harvest and festive gatherings of now displaced Aboriginal tribes. Dine in quaint boutique wineries and tea houses and roam freely with the mountain bird and wildlife population. Discover the unique interdependence of species and habitats of the rainforest, the life of Brush Turkeys, Fairy Wrens and Bower Birds, of primitive grass trees that are neither grass or tree and lava created mountain bald's.

Accommodation:  Mountain cottages  2 nights

Day 3

Today you’ll travel through a rich tapestry of farming lots across the Darling Downs, to villages wrapped in historic murals and the Kangaroo retreat of a true blue Australian bushie. Community traditions and the environment are, in part, in conflict with large scale corporate cotton and grain growing enterprises. There’ll be time for you to reflect on the courage and challenges of explorers, pioneers and settlers who earlier passed your way. Lunch in a quaint village coffee shop and  then opportunity for you to observe the character, color and textures of the Australian bush, the magnificence and uniqueness of the Eucalypt or Gum Tree, as we travel the back roads to Australia’s granite belt.

Accommodation: Environmental Lodges  2 nights

Day 4

From our comfortable environmental lodges, we will walk the trails of Girraween NP, the place of flowers, with adventure climbs of the Pyramid, Castle Rock and Sphinx. Here is a world of huge granite boulders and tors balancing precariously on each other, of curious reptiles, kangaroos and wallabies, the extremity in range of native species from all points of the compass.

Day 5

After climbing the largest granite monolith in the southern hemisphere (second in size to Uluru – Ayers Rock) we’ll journey down through history and a town made famous by the impassioned speech of an English immigrant, which gave birth to our nation and two other creative Aussies, one who excelled on the dizzy stages of Broadway NY and the other, author of Australia’s legendary bush poetry. Time permitting, we’ll visit to the National Trust home of a former pastoral dynasty and roam the streets of an historic regional city – Armidale, with its cold climate gardens and parks.

Accommodation: Armidale based motor-inn  2 nights

Day 6

We’ll rise to an early walk in the wilderness of the world heritage New England NP, a reserve of geological significance, diversity of habitats, plants and animal species. Impenetrable ridges of volcanic origin dating back 18 to 500 million years protect dense sub-tropical rainforest through to high country snow gums and a windswept plateau of stinted heath, 1000 plant species in all. Be ready for a chance meeting with a Scarlet Robin, the Superb Lyrebird or Spotted-tailed Quoll. Absorb the panorama and echoing bird calls from the precipitous escarpment and enjoy the views stretching 70 kms to the rolling waves of the Pacific Ocean, breaking on a coastline of golden beaches.
More startling scenery awaits you, of tortuous gorges eating into the Great Divide escarpment, the Waterfall Way, humble villages and a quaint bush chapel. We pass through historic wool producing properties once fit for royalty, search for our largest bird of prey, the Wedge-tailed Eagle, soaring up to 2000 meters on the thermals or trace the haunting cries of Peregrin Falcons nesting on their precipitous ledges. Spot the endangered Brush Tailed Rock Wallabies or our living fossil the Echidna. Finally we enjoy dinner in an Aussie village pub before returning to our Armidale base.


End of 6 day sectional journey. Note we arrive back in Armidale in the evening after dinner determining that any connecting flights should be scheduled for the following day, if you are not taking the optimum journey back to Brisbane.

Day 7

A well deserved lazy day today as you enjoy a scenic valley drive and descent from the Great Divide to the iconic beaches of the east coast. Be ready to roam the sand and surf at sunset and experience the special magic of Byron Bay, the down to earth and unpretentious retreat of the rich and famous and a host of alternative life-stylers drawn to the beauty and energy of the Bay. Somehow a casual dinner and breakfast by the sea always seems to appeal.

Accommodation:  Seaside village units or hotel

Day 8

An early beach walk and climb to the precipitous Cape Byron, Australia’s most easterly point, where you can savour the new day, a grand vantage point for witnessing dolphins surfing on the waves, giant Manta Rays and in season, migratory whales cruising the ocean swells below. First landfall to the south is Antarctica, to the north, Siberia and to the east, Chile. A beach cafe breakfast and we’ll then travel into the world heritage Border Ranges NP pausing for inspirational views of the extinct volcano, Mt Warning, calling in to view a couple of fine art galleries reflecting the creative communities inhabiting this picturesque region. A relaxed drive back to Brisbane with the sun setting over the peaks and ridges of The Scenic Rim will complete a memorable journey.
We’ll arrive in Brisbane late afternoon in time for any early evening connecting flights

Travel days offer a broad variety of special features reflecting the location at the time.

Please contact us for dates and availability.



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