The only Mahayana Tantric Buddhist kingdom in the World


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The tiny kingdom of Bhutan opened up to tourism in 1974. A devoutly Buddhist kingdom and also called "Druk-yul" or the land of the thunder dragon, it is a land steeped in religion. Ancient Dzongs (fortresses) stand sentinel in calm valleys through which flow serene Himalayan rivers. Take part in a cultural tour and witness teschus (festivals) giving you a chance to take in the Buddhist rituals in Bhutan. Trekking is the best way to see Bhutan. High passes which once carried traders between Tibet and Bhutan cut through the mountain ranges. Glaciers tumble down slopes creating mountain top lakes and fast flowing rivers that rush through narrow gorges and wind through lush valleys.

Best season: April to May and September to December.  For Bhutan Festival dates, and Druk Air flies scheduled flights to and from Paro to Delhi and Calcutta (India), Kathmandu (Nepal), Dhaka (Bangladesh) and Bangkok (Thailand) please e-mail us:

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Suggested Itineraries:

BHUTAN- The land of the Thunder Dragon.

  1. Western Bhutan Cultural Tour (7 DAYS)
  2. Gangtey Gompa Winter Trek (10 DAYS)
  3. Samtengang Winter Trek (10 DAYS)  
  4. Royal Hertiage Trail (11 Days) Please click for itinerary example
  5. Langthel village tour (12 Days)
  6. Chilila Nature Trek (12 DAYS)
  7. Punkha Winter Trek (12 DAYS)
  8. Druk Path Trek (12 DAYS)
  9. Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek (13 DAYS)
  10. Cultural Tour for Western & Central Bhutan (13 DAYS)
  11. Bumthang Cultural Trek (13 DAYS)
  12. Chomolhari Trek (15 DAYS)
  13. Dur Hot Springs Trek (17 DAYS)
  14. Wild East Rodongla Trek (17 DAYS)  
  15. East/West & Central Bhutan Cultural Tour (20 DAYS)  
  16. Beautiful Laya/Gas Trek (21 DAYS)  
  17. Lunana Snowman Trek (27 DAYS)  

    Itineraries are available upon request

    templeWe also offer Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh:

Bhutan - The only Mahayana Tantric Buddhist kingdom in the World
NEPAL - The only Hindu kingdom in the World
SIKKIM - The land of gods and monasteries. (used to be the smallest Kingdom)
ARUNACHAL PRADESH - Land of the "Rising Sun" rich in tribal culture  (Claimed by China but, protected by India. Open to tourists)

  1. Bhutan-Sikkim-Arunachal Pradesh (including Kalimpong. 24 day tour)
  2. Bhutan-Sikkim (including Darjeeling and Kalimpong 14 day tour)
  3. Bhutan-Sikkim-Nepal ( 15-21 day tours)




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Prices may change at any time for reasons beyond our control such as changes in transportation costs and government fees. They are based on per person per night. The prices include a Bhutan Government surcharge.

The cost includes hotel with all meals, all trek arrangements, and tour/trek guides.

It does not include airfares and environmental impact fees where imposed.


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