Botanical Tour of Turkey

Best time for this tour is Spring!


(Breakfast - B, Lunch - L, Dinner – D)

Day 1
Meet in Kusadasi at hotel KISMET. Dinner and stay overnight in Kusadasi.. (D)

Day 2
Morning visit to Ephessus. The site it self holding some endemic flowers which we will be able to see some of them while our visit to the archeological site of Ephessus such as The Ephesian Campanula Campanula tomentosa on the walls of antique ruins. Beautiful Snapdragons, red poppies will be among the ruins. If we are lucky, we will be able to see some of the Orchid species such as Ophrys umbilicata, Ophrys mammosa. Dinner and stay overnight in Kusadasi. (BD)

tulips and mosque

Day 3
In the morning, we pay a visit to Dilek Peninsula National Park, have some walk to explore the wild flowers. We expect to find some of the Orchid species which bloom at this time of the year in the National Park. See below the list of the orchids that we expect to see during our walk in the National Park. Aceras anthropophorum, Anacamptis pyramidalis, Neotinea maculata, Cephalanthera epipactoides, Comperia comperiana, Limodorum abortivum, Orchis anatolica, Orchis italica, Orchis papilonacea ssp. heroica, Serapias vomeracea ssp.orientalis Dinner and stay overnight in Kusadasi. (BD)

Day 4
Drive to Bodrum area. On the way explore some of the rare Orchid species; those are trying to live among the scrubs and old cemeteries against the spreading building of summer houses. Ophrys lesbis, Ophrys homeri are the Orchids that will disappear soon, because of the pressure of the human and domesticated animals. Dinner and stay overnight in Muğla.(B)

Day 5
Morning drive to Yilanli or Sandras Mountain to explore some of the Alpine flowers such as Thlaspi bulbosum, Merendrera sobolifera, Merendera trigyna, Scilla bifolia, Gagea bithynica etc. Dinner and stay overnight in Gocek.or Dalyan(B)

Day 6
We spend the morning exploring the Gölgeli mountains just parallel to the sea. We hope to find some of the Orchid species of Ophrys bombyliflora, ophrys phaseliana, Limodorum abortivum, Limodorum abortivum var. rubrum, Cephalanthera epipactoides, Orchis morio along with other species of wild flowers such as Anemone coronaria, Anthemis chia, Silene aegyptiaca.... Dinner and stay overnight in Gocek or Dalyan.(B)

Day 7
Depart for Kas. On the way, we will stop at one of my secret places to find the Ophrys holoserica ssp. candica, Ophrys sitiaca, Neotinea maculata, endemic Ophrys lycia, Orchis sezikiana, Ophrys leucadica, Ophrys reinholdii ssp. reinholdii, Veronica lycica, Silene cryptaneura, Iris unguicularis... Dinner and stay overnight in Kas.(B)

Day 8
Depart for Elmali Ciglikara Forest. We hope to find the Tulipa armena ssp. lycica as we ascend in the forest road. There will be also endemic species of Crocus, Crocus biflorus s ssp. isuricus, Crocus baytopiorum and Cyclamen species around. Dinner and stay overnight in Antalya.(B)

Day 9
Morning visit to Termessos National Park. Ancient Psidian city of Termessos, set high in a densely wooded mountainous area. The impregnable walls and high peaks which surround this city so daunting that when Alexander the Great came conquering it in 333 B.C., he passed right by. The remains of a magnificent theater, agora, gymnasium, and odeon lie in a jumble of massive carved stones after the earthquake of AD 527. The site is home to endemic Muscari muscarimi, Clematis cirrhos, Fritillaria acmopetala, Laurus nobilis, Lilium candida, Arabis flexuosa, Arbutus unedo, Styrax officinalis and so on… Dinner and stay overnight in Antalya.(BD)

Day 10
Departure for Cirali. Today’s excursion will take us along the southern Mediterranean shore. Heavily intended and full of isolated coves and islets, this area contains some of Lycia’s most rugged scenery. We will visit the seaside ruin at Olympos\ reminds one of a jungle ruin and the setting is one of the most dramatic places in Turkey. Nearby, we hike to a place of ancient myth... a place where Homer's fire breathing monster, Chimera, once lived Dinner and stay overnight in Antalya (BD)

Day 11
Tour is over after breakfast. (B)

If you want Istanbul archaeological extension tour pre or post trip, please let us know. That tour will include the Topkapı palace, Hippodrome, Hagia Sophia and the Blue mosque.

Price: For up to 8 participants $3000

TOUR COST INCLUDES: · Accommodation in double occupancy from Istanbul · Hotel and group restaurant meals · Two internal flights · Ground transportation / Group airport transfers · Meals as described in this itinerary · Parks and cultural sites entrance fees · Services of our leader & Turkish Guide

TOUR COST DOES NOT INCLUDE: · International airfare · International airport departure taxes, if applicable · Arrival airport transfers, if not traveling with group · Any optional activities · Alcoholic beverages and bar expenses · Phone calls and items of a personal nature · Additional transportation required due to any emergency situation

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