Hornstrandir will leave you breathless

3½ day hike in the Vestfirðir peninsula.

The Hornstrandir nature reserve is a place of magnificent untouched beauty and wild life. The sheer basalt mountains stretch from the sea to the sky chaotically divided by deep fjords, secluded alcoves and valleys. At the coastline the relentless power of the ocean has molded towering sea cliffs richly populated by birds and many of the alcoves and scurries of the coast are home to an abundance of seals. Inland the crawling glaciers of the last ice age have hewn ancient mountain passes and lakelandscapes into the rugged peninsula and there the arctic fox wanders in its natural environment. At the settlement of Iceland and until the middle of the 20th century the area was populated by the toughest of Icelandic fishermen and craftsmen. Many of them making their livelihood from crafting unsurpassed vessels for the North Atlantic Ocean. Hornstrandir is now empty of permanent settlers but their abandoned homes and workshops are scattered around the area, nestled deep in the fjords and valleys.

You can be sure that trekking through the Hornstrandir will leave you breathless and packed with memories that will last a lifetime.

Price per person: $1,200
Included in price: Guiding, boat ride into the reserve, food for 6 days (except breakfast on day one and dinner last day, tents, cooking gear and transfer of luggage. Not included: Flight from Reykjavík to Ísafjörður. Minimum: 4. Maximum: 14. Bring with you: see equipment list. See detailed itinerary below.

Note: The trek starts and ends in Ísafjörður in the Vestfirðir. You will have to arrange for transfer from Reykjavík. Trip difficulty: 3+ of 5 possible.

Day 1: Ísafjörður- Hornvik
Day 2: Hornvik - Kjaransvíklandscape
Day 3: Kjaransvík - Fljótavík
Day 4:Fljótavík - Látrar-Ísafjörður
Day 5: Aðalvík to Hesteyri
Day 6: Sleep in and boat trip back to Ísafjörður at 10:30 and a flight to Reykjavík at 18:00

Example itineary:

Day 1
Ísafjörður-Veiðileysufjörður-Kjaransvík (3-4hrs of walking)
At Ísafjörður harbor we catch a ride with scheduled boat tours to Veiðileysufjörður. Located under the glacier Drangajökull, Veiðileysufjörður is a good place to start our hike.  The boat trip, the only means of transportation, takes roughly 1 hour and is a nice ride in the beautiful landscape of Jökulfirðir (glacier fjords), with its impressive, steep snow-flecked mountains and its quiet and secluded coves. From the old farm site of Steinólfsstaðir and Meleyri we start hiking up to the mountain pass, Hlöðuvíkurskarð, then down to the beach again and along the beach to the next destination Kjaransvík. There we camp for the night.

Day 2
Kjaransvík-Fljótavík (8-10hrs of walking)
To the north we hike up to the mountain Kjalárnúpur, then over two mountain passes, Almenningaskarð and Þorleifsskarð, to the beautiful lake, Fljótsvatn. Then along the lake to Fljótavík alcove. The night is spent in the green grass by the river mouth of Fllandscapejótsvatn Lake.

Day 3
Fljótavík- Látrar í Aðalvík (6hrs of walking)
The day starts by passing the river mouth but it needs to be passed at low tide. Then an unclear path is followed into Tungudalur valley and up a steep slope to the plateau Tunguheiði. The plateau is marked with cairns from time when people still lived on the farms in the area. Shortly after the plateau the route turns into a clear track which leads all the way to Látrar in Aðalvík.

Day 4: Fljótavík - Látrar-Ísafjörður
Day 5: Aðalvík to Hesteyri
Day 6: Sleep in and boat trip back to Ísafjörður. Back at Ísafjörður between 10:30.

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