Adventures in beautiful Iceland

In addition to the day trips of canoeing, kayaking, rafting and glacial hiking we offer two truly amazing multi day hikes that will show you two very different aspects of Iceland, the isglaciar hikingland of fire and ice. Both are available with or with out transfer from Reykjavik.

Highlights of the Highlands starts in the magical highland refuge of Landmannalaugar and takes you across desolated highland deserts, deep ravines, under and over giant glaciers and along raging glacial rivers. It it is an experience no adventurous hikers should let pass before him.

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Hornstandir Nature Reserve takes you wandering in the footsteps of the old viking settlement of Hornstrandir. It is a highly inaccessible place of unmatched beauty, ancient glacial fjords and towering sea cliffs teaming with birdlife. In the past the Hornstrandir was populated with vikings, then colonies fishermen and finally no one at all. Click here to find out more about this trip.



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