The Ultimate in Amazonian Adventure Travel

For the ultimate in Amazonian adventure travel, ask about our unique customized expeditions. Tell us what you're interested in experiencing. We'll suggest an photographer itinerary tailored to your imagination.

Our specialty expeditions are the most remote trips that you can find in the Amazon. We will take you to remote, unexplored regions where no other tourist have visited.

Specialty Expeditions include:

  • Three week camping expedition to visit the Mayorunas Indians (a.k.a Matses or cat people)
  • Rio Tigre Camping expedition. Virgin wilderness in Achuara country.
  • Huagramona camping expedition. A search for the lost sacred waterfall of the Huagramona Achuara.
  • Rafting, canoeing or kayaking trips. Go for hundreds of miles on remote Amazon tributaries.
  • Mt. Shubert and Talape. We will ascend the mountain at over 12,000 feet the highest peak in Amazonas.
  • A trip to the Pacaya-Samiria, Peru's largest National Park.

Anything else that an adventurous spirit can challenge us with. We have the capacity to custom design a wide variety of unique expeditions for scientists, photographers, collectors, writers, and adventures people, throughout the Amazon region of northern Peru, from the Andes to the River Javari (border with Brazil). Request for information on these trips, please click here.


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