18 days Ultimate Journey – (Launceston to Launceston) - $8,067
9 day journey, west side section – (Launceston to Hobart) - $4,183
9 day journey, east side section  – (Hobart to Launceston)- $4,183

All are per person on a twin share basis and fully accommodated and catered – all inclusive.

DEPARTURES:   February, December  Please contact us for dates and availability.


  • Choice of the ultimate 18 day or a 9 day sectional journey
  • In total, eleven National Parks offering the finest in Tasmania’s wilderness scenery.
  • A  journey of extraordinary contrast from the alpine wilderness in the west to remote pristine beaches in the east.

Launceston to Hobart west side section

  • Browse around an acclaimed gallery of wilderness photography and contemplate those naturalists who made the ultimate sacrifice, so today, we may enjoy the wild. Enjoy a different perspective on how to “view” nature.
  • Enjoy the curious welcome of Pademelons, Wallabies and Echidna at your rustic Cradle Mountain cabin.
  • Stroll the shores of freshwater Dove Lake, drawn to the towering Cradle Mountain, as it dominates your camera and your emotions
  • Contemplate 220 rainy days a year, the unique habitats this creates and 20% of Tasmania having the highest classified UNESCO World Heritage Listing on the planet, in nature and cultural terms.
  • Climb to the grand panoramas awaiting you on Marion’s Lookout or Hanson’s Peak, spectacular Crater Lake, the Cradle Mountain summit, the Face Track beneath the needle like feature of Little Horn.
  • Trek the boardwalks of Cradle Valley or across the glacial lakes and tarns of Soloman’s Jewels captivated by a chorus of high country frogs and insects.
  • Indulge in a packed lunch gazing at the 165 million year old dolerite Walls of Jerusalem.  
  • Enjoy daily encounters with Australia’s unique wildlife far from invasive crowds. Be on the alert for Wombats and Tasmanian Devils.
  • Contemplate the dramatic “No Dams” environmental battle of 1982/3 and the 1400 arrests which ultimately saved a wild rivers wilderness.
  • Cruise the mighty Macquarie Harbor and Gordon River or take a spectacular seaplane flight over the wilderness with the imposing Frenchman’s Cap, then down the ravine carved by the raging Franklin River, searching for white water rafting adventurers before landing on the Gordon, deep in the Franklin – Gordon Wild Rivers NP wilderness.
  • Roam a lonely 30kms beach at sunset where sea swells have been measured at 23m and visit the nesting rookery of the amazing Shearwaters, having concluded their 30,000 kms migration flight.
  • Stand amidst the tallest old-growth hardwood trees in the world (97m) in the Valley of the Giants.
  • Wander by the swamp gums and giant tree ferns at picturesque Russcliffsell Falls, arguably the prettiest in Australia.
  • Discover the grand beauty and changing moods of a dolerite strewn alpine shelf hiding a labyrinth of tarns and twisted old pines, high in Mt Field NP
  • Take a tea break on a remote trail surrounded by jagged ancient glaciated ranges, bluffs, peaks, boulder fields and the expansive panorama of Lake Pedder, hiding the evidence of a dramatic environment battle, lost in 1972.
  • Roam around the quaint southern city of Hobart, its Salamanca market place and the historic precinct of Battery Point, halfway point in the ultimate journey

Hobart to Launceston east side section

  • Discover the Organ Pipes of Mt Wellington and the fracture line where 45 million years ago, Australia split from Antarctica and the ancient super continent of Gondwana.
  • Visit an Antarctic Center. where heroic explorers are remembered and the projects and lives of current day scientists in the last great wilderness are shared
  • Climb to nature’s window in Hartz Mountains NP, overlooking the great south-west wilderness, a 165 million year old landscape, witness to several ice ages and offering expansive views to the iconic features of Precipitous Bluff, Federation Peak, and the rugged Arthur Ranges.
  • Search for the smallest gum tree, once harvested for its oil and distilled for medicinal benefit.
  • Sit by a tranquil lake surrounded by delicate, aerodynamic cushion plants, and ancient King Billy Pines.
  • Stand atop precipitous sea cliffs up to 300m high, in command of all you survey.
  • Discover below, standing defiant in a turbulent south sea, the Totem Pole, The Lanterns, The Candlestick, the Monument, the Thumbs.
  • Marvel at the creative forces of the sea and salt, crafted blow holes, arches, gorges, sea caves and unique tidal paving.
  • Drift by feeding Albatross, Little Penguins, seal colonies, Bull Kelp and kelp forests, seabird rookeries and spot the flight of the Sea Eaglmountain viewes.
  • Step back to the very beginnings of Australia as a penal settlement and wonder at the tragedies, historic and more recent, which have fueled Port Arthur’s notoriety.
  • Stroll around an island sanctuary created by the rise and fall of the sea leaving a legacy of compacted fossilized cliffs 200 million years old and naturally painted cliffs, defying all reason.
  • Savour the beauty of Wineglass Bay in Freycinet NP with its pristine white beach curving around an azure sea.
  • Contemplate the remoteness and beauty of a secluded bay or friendly beaches shared only with Gulls and Oystercatchers
  • Capture the beauty of the Bay of Fires with its orange encrusted granite outcrops and turquoise waves breaking on an endless beach of powder white sand. 


Journey in a luxury air-conditioned 4WD Land cruiser, mini-bus or purpose built coach with forward facing recliner seats, seat belts and panoramic windows. Vehicles are equipped with remote area travel safety and communications facilities.


Tour staff includes a professional tour guide and driver/assistant guide.
Government authorized guide to guest ratio for this journey is 1:6 setting the tour standards and prices.


Accommodation selected from facilities close to National Parks and trail heads, invariably in character settings. Includes motor-inns, wilderness and resort lodges, village cottages, apartments and hotels. Twin share with private facilities mixed with occasional triple share and quality shared facilities.


  • Full dining inclusions with breakfast, lunch and dinner each day
  • Morning and afternoon teas.
  • Wine with dinner if you wish
  • End of tour celebration dinner
  • We vary dining settings to take in local delicacies and spontaneous interaction with local people.


  • Tour transport and guides
  • All National Park entry fees
  • Pre-tour briefing and meet ‘n greet function/s
  • Local guides and guests, as available.
  • Seaplane flight over the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers wilderness
  • Alternatively a wilderness cruise on the Gordon River
  • Historic Port Arthur tours
  • Sea Life Experience guided boating tour
  • Ferry transfers to Maria Island
  • Complimentary change-over night of accommodation, in Hobart, for our 18 day ultimate journey participants
  • Informative travel reference kitkangarus


  • Access to our on-tour field library.
  • Provision of field binoculars
  • “Wish you were here” digital images capturing your adventures down under, emailed to friends and family selectively during the journey.
  • Spontaneous travel treats 
  • A tour memento.
  • Pre-tour planning advice to maximize your enjoyment of the experience
  • Advice and assistance with any pre and post tour travel requirements.
  • Peace of mind in knowing we operate under a responsible travel ethic.
  • Enjoyment of a small group environment – typically 4 to 12 participating guests.


You will only need to cover your free time and personal costs, pre and post travel arrangements (including flights) relating to the start / conclusion of the tour and your personal travel insurance.


Participation in all walks is optional and rewarding, requiring a reasonable degree of fitness. Make this a “wellness” holiday, relaxed or as active as you wish.


Please contact us for dates and availability.

Tasmanian Wilderness  18 day ultimate journey itinerary
incorporating 9 day west and 9 day east sectional itineraries


Start of 18 day ultimate journey and 9 day west section

Pre departure administration, meet ‘n greet and tour briefing.
Convened in Launceston and Hobart, 6.30pm the evening before tour departures

Day 1

Travel Launceston to Cradle Mountain NP via Great Western Tiers
Visit the unique Wilderness Gallery of celebrated nature photographers and the NP Visitors Center.  Short walks around the picturesque Dove Lake circuit and Lodge precincts. 
Accommodation; Cradle Mountain Lodge 4 nights

Days 2 - 4

3 inspirational days of walking set to prevailing alpine conditions with options including a day walk/climb to Cradle Mountain summit via Crater Lake and Marion’s Lookout, the Face Track traverse,  via Hanson’s Peak, Twisted Lakes and cushion plant moorlands, a day walk to the Walls of Jerusalem, the Cradle Valley boardwalk and a selection of short enchanted walks.

Day 5

Travel Cradle Mountain to the remote western fishing port of Strahan through lush forests and historic mining villages. Conditions permitting, a sea plane flight over the Frenchman’s Cap dominated world heritage wilderness, down the wild water ravines of the Franklin River to land on the Gordon River, scene of the memorable conservation encounter of 1982-83 which brought international focus to “Save the Franklin”. Alternative cruise across Macquarie Harbor, to the Gordon River, with visits to the notorious Hells Gate and Sarah Island of penal settlement times.
An early evening visit to a local rookery to experience one of the world’s most incredible bird migration phenomenon.
Overnight village cottage accommodation

Day 6

Travel day Strahan to Maydena /Mt Field NP region via Lake St Clair NP, interspersed with short walks throughout the day taking in delightful waterfalls in the temperate rainforest, an Eagles view of the Frenchman’s Cap wilderness, upper reaches of the Franklin River, Australia’s deepest Freshwater Lake at 220m and the extraordinary craftsmanship and vision of one man, his unfolding working exhibit in Huon Pine and bronze.
Accommodation: Maydena cottages 3 nights

Day 7-8

2 wonderful days of alpine walking through picturesque glaciated lakes and tarns and immersion in the Styx River Valley old growth forests, the last stronghold of the world’s largest creatures and the feared extinct Tasmanian Tiger. Our program is set to prevailing conditions with options including a day circuit walk onto the dolerite strewn Tarn Shelf and its historic ski huts, strolling through the Valley of the Giants, 600 steps to the panoramic vista of Lake Pedder and assimilation of events which have stirred and polarized the environmental awareness and conscience of most Australians, one of Australia’s most picturesque waterfalls, a unique wildlife sanctuary and some patient viewing of our living fossil, the Platypus.

Day 9

Early in the day, time to conclude our Mt Field NP visit and then we travel to Hobart the delightful city of character and charm, set around its historic docks and Battery Point and nestled under the towering bluffs of Mt Wellington.
Change over day – end of 9 day west section. Arrival of 9 day east section guests. 18 day guests continue.
A free afternoon to explore the city, to farewell departing guests and to welcome others joining us for the latter half of our journey.
6.30 pm, second meet ‘n greet and briefing of the tour.
Accommodation: Hobart Motor Inn 3 nights.

Days 10-11

Two days set to prevailing alpine conditions, including the options of a short drive and walks on Mt Wellington and its Organ Pipes, a day walk in Hartz Mountain NP for a summit climb and viewing of the great South-West Wilderness, Precipitous Bluff, Federation Peak, the jagged Arthur Ranges, or a sedate boardwalk to Lake Esperence and Ladies Tarn, King Billy Pines, cushion plants and heath land, a memorable visit to the Antarctic Center. to learn more of the historic exploration programs of the deep south.

Day 12 (3)

We travel Hobart to Port Arthur visiting the historic village of Richmond which claims a number of Australia’s oldest buildings. Travel breaks are filled with the study of ancient sea deposits and tidal paving, blow holes, remarkable arches and caves, historic sites representing a dark page in our indigenous and convict history, a Tasmanian Devil sanctuary and spectacular seascapes with brilliant blue waters. 
Accommodation: Port Arthur Motel / Hotel 3 nights

Day 13-14

2 spectacular days exploring the wild sea cliffs of the Tasman Peninsula commencing with a day walk to the dizzy precipice of 200m high dolerite cliffs and stacks at Cape Hauy, the Candlestick, Lanterns, Totem Pole, Thumbs and Monument. Share the world of Sea Eagles and Pacific Gulls. We follow this with a sea life experience beneath towering 300m high dolerite cliffs, floating into colorful sea caves adorned with pink and purple lichen, close encounters with colonies of seals, seabird rookeries, the feeding grounds of giant Albatross, Little Penguins and endangered Kelp forests. We also visit the historic ruins of Australia’s largest penal settlement and a failed experiment in reforming petty scoundrels from the English homeland.

Day 15 (6)

We travel Port Arthur to Freycinet NP taking in a ferry transfer and full day of relaxed walking on historic Maria Island with its extraordinary compacted fossil and painted cliffs, a wildlife sanctuary protecting free roaming Cape Barren Geese, Native Hens, Kangaroos and bird life.
Accommodation; Coles Bay village 3 nights

Day 16-17

2 days of delightful walks and roaming in the picturesque Freycinet NP dominated by the colorful granite domes of The Hazards and the most photographed Wineglass Bay. Our options will include an energetic ascent of Mt Amos, a full day circuit walk onto the pristine beach of Wineglass Bay, Hazards Beach and Fleurieu Point plus visits to Cape Tourville, sleepy bays filled with colorful lichen covered granite boulders, the delightful coves, rocks, bird life and sea creatures of Friendly Beaches and by night a Little Penguin rookery (in season) and some nocturnal wildlife spotting.

Day 18 (9)

We travel north along the east coast from Freycinet NP for a mid morning visit to the serene and colorful Bay of Fires, reflecting on the locals who have managed to escape the fast life, preferring the simple values of beauty and harvest by the sea. Continuing on to Launceston and journey’s end we’ll lunch break at an historic bush pub “loaded with Aussie character” and deviate into the scenic wine growing valleys of the island, arriving in Launceston late afternoon for evening or next day connecting flights (of your choice)  to the Australian mainland.
End of the ultimate 18 day journey and 9 day east section.

Travel days offer a broad variety of special features reflecting the location at the time.




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